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Pressure Washing: Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?


Every Augusta homeowner will need an Augusta pressure washing company at some point for a stained roof, dirty siding, an oil-stained driveway, or to restore a fence or porch. You could buy or rent a pressure washer and commit a weekend to tackling these tasks, but for many people, it is best left to the professionals. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a DIY and professional pressure washing.

Pressure washers can be dangerous

A pressure washer uses a gasoline or electric engine to propel water through a hose up to 3,000 PSI. This amount of pressure can easily cause significant bodily harm if it is operated improperly or without adequate protective equipment.

A poorly handled pressure washer can also cause severe damage to your property, easily tearing away at wood, brick, vinyl, and even concrete surfaces from a close distance. If you decide to take on a pressure washing project, make sure to follow all the manufacturer’s recommended safety precautions and learn how to use the equipment properly before heading to the hardware store. Of course, hiring a professional alleviates the need to do the research and buy or rent the proper safety equipment, as well as saving you a weekend.

You need the right equipment for the job

Different projects will require varying amounts of water pressure and gallons per minute (GPM) to get the results you are looking for without damaging your property. Depending on what you need, a pressure washer that can complete your project may not be affordable, and using a less expensive but less capable machine may not give you the outcome you want.

When you hire a professional pressure washing company to complete your project, their full range of equipment and experience will ensure that the equipment used is appropriate for the task. 

Hiring a professional gives you guaranteed results

If you are unsure whether you can get the outcome you want yourself, all the costs of renting or purchasing a pressure washer, as well as the time committed to the project, will be lost if you are unable to get the results you were hoping to achieve. A professional company will have the experience and expertise to tackle your project to your satisfaction, guaranteeing your money will be well spent.

Although it seems like a simple matter to rent a pressure washer and give your home a fresh look, there are many things to consider when it comes to safety, costs, and results. A licensed, bonded, and insured operator will give you the best Augusta pressure washing service with the peace of mind that you will have an excellent final product without worrying about equipment, safety, and property damage.

If you are looking for affordable Augusta pressure washing and you are experienced and confident that you can complete the task to your satisfaction safely, then you may save a little bit of money by tackling it yourself. For those with little or no experience, it’s almost always more beneficial to hire a professional to guarantee an excellent product, protect yourself and your home, and save yourself time and money.

Author:Constance Gibson